A Transhumanist Advent

I was looking for a new book for Christmas to read to our family that would capture some of what I love about the religious aspects of this season. Not in a "I hate you, Santa!" way but in a "This is what I want my kids to take from this day" way.

Don't get me wrong, we always read the account in the New Testament, and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, and we sing lots of the familiar carols, so we are all familiar with the story, but we don't typically get to what I take to be the heart of it--what it should mean for our behavior and outlook on the world.

I found a book that looked promising by Bishop Jacques-Benigne Bossuet called "Meditations for Advent". It was well-reviewed on Amazon, and had some beautiful writing, but overall was a bit too abstract and detached from life and the world for me. But it did have a good presumptuous title! So I started my own meditations (I still roll my eyes when I read that I wrote "meditations" so I understand if you do too).

The meditations vary in length from one sentence to a few paragraphs. Though each "meditation" has its own emphasis, some of the recurring themes draw from conversations with my extended family and with members of my local Mormon congregation and members of the Mormon Transhumanist Association: transhumanism, taking responsibility for death and evil in the world, the role of technology, theosis, etc. Some meditations will be purely Christian or religious in their focus while others will focus on how technology and transhumanism can play a role in advent meditations.