When to be like Han Solo

Long live Han Solo. We love the space pirate. That’s because he was a reluctant hero.

Transhumankind - Being One With The Primitive

Whether humankind began among higher apes or as enlightened, ensouled images of God, one thing is clear to me: as long as humankind has existed, it has been transhumankind. What that means is that to be human is to continue to evolve, not just biologically as critters do, but mentally and techno-organically. This isn’t generally acknowledged. An unspoken assumption pervades our discussions on transhumanism: that our foray into merging with technology and changing humanity into something new is somewhat recent, a product of the Information Age or, at most, the Industrial one.

How a Faithless Hedonist Became a Transhumanist

This post is part of a series of personal narratives written by members of the Mormon Transhumanist Association. Each tells their story of how they became a Transhumanist. Guest: Andrea Loper Johnson.

Now that I have your attention ...

Those who know me best may be a little shocked that I have defined myself in this way, but as I thought about me and who I really am, these descriptors just fit the best. Allow me to explain.