When to be like Han Solo

Long live Han Solo. We love the space pirate. That’s because he was a reluctant hero.

A reluctant hero doesn’t want to be pulled into life-saving acts but rises to the occasion. After leaving the Rebel Alliance in the original Star Wars, Han returned, enabling Luke Skywalker to destroy the Death Star.

There are those who don’t believe in an afterlife but want to live past mortality. Here’s hoping that they could one day say that they were reluctant heroes.

They are Transhumanists. Transhumanism is about transcending mortality through science and technology.

If they are right, they will save us.

Yes, the process could be discouraging. Discomfiting. Difficult.

But dilemma-solving.

It’s a safe assumption that most of these folks are probably atheist or agnostic. But some who are religious, including some Mormons, still identify as Transhumanists because these people of faith believe that science and technology are key to resurrection and immortality.

If folks don’t believe in life after death but want to live past mortality, they ought to engage as much as possible with Transhumanism.

If that’s you, be like the beloved smuggler in bold pursuit of Transhumanism. Shoot first.