Transhumanist Holy Week: Holy Saturday

This Holy Saturday, Christians ponder on the silence, darkness, and death of Jesus Christ. Part of this tradition can include that story of Jesus' Harrowing of Hell where he descended into the lowest parts of earth and hell to overcome them. This symbolizes the overcoming of the monster death and unlocking hell to free its prisoners.

Transhumanism is (or should be) as much about technology's possibilities as it is about its risks. The history of mankind is filled with examples of technology rising us above death and sin while also being able to drag us down into death and hell. The Mormon Transhumanist Association affirms that "We feel a duty to use science and technology according to wisdom and inspiration, to identify and prepare for risks and responsibilities associated with future advances, and to persuade others to do likewise." Holy Saturday provides an opportunity to reflect on whether we are using our tools and technology to perpetuate the suffering of death and hell - darkening the light in this world, or whether we accept our responsibility to relieve suffering.

Death, hell, darkness, suffering, captivity & life, salvation, light, peace, and freedom. These two worlds lie in front of us. Jesus showed us the choice of life, calls us to unlock the captives, and gives us the example to resurrect our dead. Our tools can be part of the key to overcoming death and hell. Even in our darkest times, or in the silencing of human faith and trust, Jesus showed us how to turn the key and bring salvation to humanity as he calls us to join him even through darkness, through death, and through hell in order to redeem and overcome it.

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