The Cosmos as Imagined in the Beatitudes

I more than once have learned that "Blessed" in the Beatitudes is a word that implies the happy state that the Gods are in. What if one were to take this meaning very literally, and set the Sermon on the Mount in the context of the Mormon and Transhumanist ideals of humanity actually approaching or achieving Godhood? Where our Heavenly Father and Mother had parents of their own and went through the same process we are now experiencing? Then the Beatitudes would begin:

God-fearing Atheist

You’ve probably heard the old saying “everyone is born an atheist; we have to be taught religion”. In my case, that might actually be true.

My Grandma is a 98 year-old Transhumanist

I had the opportunity recently to sit down with my wife's 98 year-old grandmother. The occasion was an LDS temple sealing of my niece and her, now, husband. As we waited for the party to arrive, I made my way over to where "GG" (great-grandma) sat next to her rather modern-looking walker which doubles as a portable oxygen system -- a machine extending her life. Once she recognized people who sat down next to her, she was eager to have very lucid and engaging conversation with the wisdom of a 98 year-old smile and laugh.

What the Serpent Wrought

It starts with a small opening, not even a wound
But the opening grows, intensifies, parts
It is the rift of the world; a rift that begins to tear and to bleed and
to rend the mind and the lungs and the flesh.
We are no longer together, no longer one, no longer whole.
Instead there is a rupture so great there is no going back;
the history of the world is changing.