Why there should be Mormon moral outrage over the GOP legislation that would replace the Affordable Care Act

A bill Republicans called a replacement of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act passed the House on May 4 (though even 20 GOP legislators in the chamber voted against it) and it is now in the Senate chambers.

Many have called it a measure for tax cuts for insurance companies, “poorly disguised” tax breaks for the wealthy – “the Holy Grail of all this”; and more. Even the president who shares the party of the lawmakers who passed the bill, who has a reputation for being aggressive, bullish and unkind, called the legislation “mean” and too harsh. Low-income folks stand the greatest loss.

The bottom line is that the Affordable Care Act expanded health coverage for 12.8 to 22 million folks (there are reasons for the variance) and 23 million stand to lose theirs if the ACA is replaced with the other bill, according to the Congressional Budget Office.